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Why you couldn't turn off the HV 800 headset?

Author : Leader Industrial Co., Limited Date : 2015/5/18 14:25:49

I purchased this headset in June of 2016.  Haven't had issues until today.  I was connected to my tablet, got out of range and lost connection.  When I was back in range I tried reconnecting but the headset was stuck with a slow blue flashing light and the unit wouldn't power off.  I tried hooking to charger overnight to see if it would reset the unit, but the problem still remains.  Is there another method to get this unit to power off or will I need a replacement?  Thanks.
Sent by JD Kelley on 16th, September, 2016

When I cut my hv800 off the blue light stays on and when I plug it up a pinkish purple light comes on how can I get it to power off correctly?
Sent by Karilyn on 30th, July, 2016

hi im paul from philippines..my sister buy this device hv-800 but it seem like the devect cannot be detected.. may i know how to reset this device? or is ther any way that ..would be fix..? ita just blinking blue even its off.
Sent by Pauijaenreyes on 17th, May, 2016

Hello I have a HV 800 heat set Bluetooth  the light it's on even thought it's off can you guys please help me with it, because I don't know what to do it's a brand new one. Thanks.
Sent by LMB on 30th, March, 2016

The light of my hv 800 bluetooth is always on blue while the power button is off and it doesn't pair with any device again.
Sent by Shitta on 26th, January, 2016

My husband bought a hv800 Bluetooth headset and now he is having problems with it. When he turned it off the blue light would not go off
Sent by Jamier on 15th, December, 2015

The blue light on my bluetooth will not turn off even when I plug it in it goes from blue to red blinking I unplug it and it stays blue help please.
Sent by Will on 1st, October, 2015

How can I fix this blue light that stay on how do adjust software?
Sent by Mike on 28th, August, 2015

I'm havin trouble using my HV-800 Wireless Headphones and I'm tryin to see if I can reset them.
Sent by Danielle Foote on 27th, August, 2015

Hey my blue light won't turn off and it wont pair with anything i just got it like two days ago what do i do about it?
Sent by Monie on 6th, July, 2015

We purchased an HV-800 headset and it only worked for one day and now it vibrates even when off and will not pair with any device when on.  Is there a troubleshooting guide available or can you assist me with this issue? Thank you, Irene.
Sent by Irene on 23th, May, 2015

Hi, I bought the Bluetooth HV 800 and it doesn't seem to turn off anymore. The blue light is always on even when the switch is on 'off'. It no longer pairs with my phone or any phone (its non responsive). Can you help? Thanks, Alfonza
Sent by Alfonza on 18th, April, 2015

It is the crush of headset, ONLY need to charge the headset then the blue light will gone.
No need to charge the headset overnight, only need to change it for a short time till you see the blue light gone.
We don't suggest you to buy HV-800 anymore, because this model on the market now are all using poor chipset.
The good chipset version is already stopped manufactured on 2015.