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Red light on means fully charged for HV-800?

Author : Leader Industrial Co., Limited Date : 2015/8/30 12:29:43

I recently purchased 3 - Hv 800 Bluetooth headphone sets and I am having issues getting all three of them to charge. I have tried using the charge cords provided as well as a cord I already had and none of them will work. I plug them in and the red light comes on indicating they're charging but it goes off after a couple mins. I've also tried charging them while they are powered on and it still doesn't work. The most charge I've gotten out of them is about 4 hrs of standby time then they power off due to the battery dying.
Sent by Theodore on 9th, December, 2015

When I plug it in to charge, the red light goes quickly, how can I tell if the device is fully charged?
Sent by Pall on 24th, August, 2015

1: Red light means charging, blue light means fully charged, please wait for the blue light appear.
2: The battery using on the headset is poor, not real capacity or second-hand.
3: Change another good quality usb cable to charge.