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What is the difference betwen Original DHL tracking number and Transfer DHL tracking number?

Author : Leader Industrial Co., Limited Date : 2014/5/23 0:23:09
Original DHL tracking number: it is available as soon as we ship out your goods, but you couldn't track the goods on DHL website by this number, because your goods doesn't reach the DHL Hongkong warehouse.
The function of this tracking number is to prove that we already ship out your goods.

Transfer DHL tracking number: it is usually available in 1 to 2 working days after releasing Original DHL tracking number, you could track the goods by this tracking number on DHL website, because your goods already reached the DHL Hongkong warehouse, waiting for DHL to pick up.
The function of this tracking number is to offer full detailed information of your goods during shipping.

For example,
6990640031 is Original DHL tracking number,
you couldn't track your goods on DHL website, the page will show as below:

6864481610 is Transfer DHL tracking number,
you could track your goods on DHL website: