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Quality Control
Let's take our HBS Bluetooth Headset for example to explain why our quality is better than others.

Software usually means sound adjustment skill.
It is very important for sound quality.
By using the same bluetooth chipset and speaker, one producer can make a good sound, the other may make a poor sound.
We are experienced for sound adjustment for 6 years, and we are familiar with the taste of Europe and North America, so we can make an excellent sound for you.

1. CE Certificate:
At most of time, CE Certificate is a must for Europe market.
All of our HBS Bluetooth Headset have Phoenix Testlab CE Certificate.
What is more, Phoenix Testlab CE certificate is much more powerful and trustful than the China Lab certificate, especially for European customs.

How to verify Our Phoenix Testlab CE Certificate?

Ours Phoenix Testlab CE Certificate Others China Lab CE Certificate
Issued by Phoenix Testlab Germany, powerful and trustful, 100% passed by European customs Issue by China Lab, maybe not passed by European customs

2. Bluetooth Chipset:
Chipset is the CPU bluetooth headset.
A good quality bluetooth chipset can realize stable bluetooth connection, strong noise canceling, clear and loud sound and power saving.
We usually use CSR (Made by UK) or ISSC (Made by Taiwan) bluetooth chipset.
We don't use Vimicro, Airoha, JL, BK, WT and Appotech.
Ours CSR Bluetooth Chipset Others Vimicro Bluetooth Chipset
Ours ISSC Bluetooth Chipset Others Airoha Bluetooth Chipset
Stable and quick bluetooth connection, strong noise canceling, clear and loud sound, power saving Bluetooth connection is weak and unstable, the signal will be easy to break off when you put the smartphone into your pocket

3. Microphone
Ours High Quality Microphone Others Microphone
Our high quality microphone can realize a clear and loud sound when talking By using other microphone, you can't hear clearly when talking and people also can't hear you clearly

4. Acoustic Net:
Ours Acoustic Net Others Acoustic Net
Our net is solid and thick, made by stailess, anti-dust and sweatproof Others net is crisp and thin, not made by stailess
Ours net is thick, anti-dust and swearproof Others is no net, you can see the speaker, noise, water, sweat and dust can go into the earplug easily, the sound effect will be weaken.
5. Battery:
Ours Battery Others Battery
Real capacity 150mAh, it can offer enough power for talk, standby and listen to music Fake capacity, not 150mAh, only 60mAh or lower, the headset will be no power quickly
6. Earphone Line:
Ours Earphone Line Other Earphone Line
Made by high quality material, solid and thick Made by poor quality material, weak and thin, easy to break off
7. Spare Earbud: 
Ours Spare Earbuds Attached Others No Spare Earbuds
 4 Pieces spare earbuds attached, convenient No spare earbuds, you need to buy
8. Magnetic Absorption:
Ours Magnetic Absorption Others Magnetic Absorption
Our magnetic absorption is strong, the earbuds will not fall out Others magnetic absorption is weak, the earbuds will fall out easily
9. Earbud Ring:
Ours Ring Attached Others No Ring
There is a ring on the earplug, looks beautiful No ring on the earplug, looks cheap
10. Eaphone Body:
Ours Oil Painted Earphone Body Others Plain Earphone Body
Ours is nice and attrative, smooth and anti-scratch Others is plain, rough and not anti-scratch